WondurGirl Works, Wanders, and Wonders .

This blog is going to be absolutely random. It can be about pigs farting, about your purpose in this world, or about chocolates. Basically, any topic that I feel like writing about.

Honestly, at this point of time I have no idea what I expect out of this blog, but I hope it either entertains you or you learn something along the way.

A little something about me… I’m a 20 year old currently studying in India. I love food ( a lot ), I love experimenting with new things, and exploring. These past few years have been  terrible for me. So I’m on a journey to find my passions and  search for my ‘truest’ self. A lot of self-development going on right now.  So let’s see how it all works out!

Also, I love feedback. So feel free to comment 🙂




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